BBS File Distribution Networks & Games Servers

Some BBSes (Bulletin Boards) are members of Game networks that allow gamers from all over to join in and play in leagues, and also there are BBSes that are members of massive file distribution networks which have terabytes of files to share. Want to know how to get in on the action? Just watch this video!

Whilst I’m at it, here are some personal recommendations of some great BBSes to try out, including my own one!:

The Quantum Wormhole
The Bottomless Abyss (port 2023)
Al’s Geek Lab BBS (port 2323)
20 For Beers (port 1337)
The Underground (port 10023)
The Agency BBS
Absinthe BBS (port 1940)
Wizards Rainbow (host to Black Country Rock games)
The Vault BBS (port 2323)

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