My 15 year old camcorder finally died ;( New kit recommendations please!

the old delapidated samsung camcorder and broken SD card

Well, I knew it would happen one of these days, but not in the way I expected! The SD card inside my 15 year old Samsung camcorder basically melted off into the bottom of the SD slot. I tried fishing it out carefully, but it became apparent that the flake of housing plastic had become brittle over the years and crumbled off and the eventual heating of the battery charge cycles (the battery is directly beside the SD), has led to it sticking in the bay, so now it’s mangled itself totally in there. So badly, all the pins are now stuffed in an irreparably bent way. The camera was showing it’s age in any case. It was a 1080 progressive camcorder, the battery didn’t hold much charge (as can be expected for a 15 year old cam) and it didn’t really have the features I wanted in any case. I didn’t buy it with recording CRTs in mind, for example. I bought it for family holiday videos in back then!

The offending SD card!

During the time that my Patreons have been donating, I have only once withdrawn from Patreon. That was to purchase the lovely sounding Yeti mic which you see on almost all of my videos. You will be able to hear the huge difference in audio quality on these videos compared to the earlier videos on my channel, so your contributions made a marked difference. So now it feels like the appropriate time to make yet another dip into the Patreon bucket to do the same. That said, if you have any specific recommendations of cameras or rigging, then I am all ears (or is that eyes!). Seriously, if you have experience in this area, I would really appreciate your recommendations.

Behind the scenes at the Geek Lab!

I originally made this video a while back exclusively for Patron viewers, however I recently decided to open it up to everyone. It gives an exclusive look into how I make my videos, as well as some pet projects, yet to become AGL videos. They are literally strewn across the room!

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