Episode two of The Retro Reboot Show is ready for your viewing pleasure! Today I’m talking voxel graphics in Monkey Island and DooM, then we look at an Apple I that sold for an insane amount of moolah but it looks like Pacman took a bite out of it!
Other items on the show include a new Atari 2600 version of the graphic adventure from the 90s “Myst”, two articles from Byte magazine from “Today in 1982”, covering the Osborne 1 computer and No-Code software of the 80s. Not to mention Overclocking a Raspbperri Pi Pico beyond it’s capable limits, captain’, Compuserve RLE graphics from 1987 is back to our screens in 2022 and an interview with Cliff Lawson – Amstrad’s proper apprentice! Lots of fun for everyone! Check it out!

Show links / notes:

Today in 1982:

  • The Osborne-1 for $1795: https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1982-08/page/n31/mode/2up?view=theater
  • Program Generators (They’re not that easy): https://archive.org/details/byte-magazine-1982-08/page/n37/mode/2up?view=theater


A great day out here in the Lower North Island of New Zealand where owners of vintage computers got to show off their machines, talk about them and have fun.

On display was the following computers:

  • Atari: Atari 800, XEGS, 130XE and the 800XL
  • Apple Computers:The Apple Lisa, Apple IIGS
  • Oric:The Oric Atmos 48K, Oric One
  • IBM:The IBM PC Jx, 5155 PC Portable
  • Sinclair: Cambridge Z88, Sinclair ZX Spectrum, ZX Spectrum Plus, ZX Spectrum 128K, ZX Spectrum +2 and +3 (in box), Sinclair ZX80, another home-made ZX80 (in a calculator case!), a Sinclair ZX81, the new ZX Spectrum Next.
  • Commodore: PET 8096-SK, PET 8032, PET 4016, Commodore Amiga A1200HD
  • S100/Kit computers: The ‘Dream 6800’ S-100 kit computer, The MSI 6800 University Trainer machine, the SWTPC 6809
  • The rest: Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 4, Memotech MTX 512, MB Vectrex, Panasonic MSX CF2700, The Backplane Pro (s100 style modern machine).

Bonus content!

If you become a member of my channel by pressing Join, or by becoming a Patron, there is a full length version of this video with bonus content showing how great the Apple Lisa was to service, as well as the Lisa Operating System. All of the Sinclair stuff, including a UHF broadcast from a Raspberry Pi, as well as more detail on the MTX, Oric’s and more!