Back to the BBS part 8 is finished! ANSI art love!

Well fans, it’s been a really long time coming, but Back to the BBS part 8 is finally upon us!

Here’s the link to the video (Premiere):, and here’s a teaser trailer!

Usually, I do an early release for Patreons, however this is a social event, marking the end of the documentary series. So I’m throwing a bit of a Premiere showing event. Hopefully you can all join me at the following timezones for the live chat and some good times!

1445 PST (Fri 23rd December 2022)

1745 EST

2245 GMT

23:45 CET

0845 Brisbane Time (Sat 24th)

This episode covers the ANSI and ASCII art scene. In the 80s and 90s, people found a way to make art from text! And they  would share this art online on Electronic Bulletin Boards (BBSes). This  episode talks about how art is made from text, the various art types,  about what this art scene is like today, as well as what it was in the  past. This episode also meets some of the people and art groups, and  shows you how you can get involved too.

Premiere link:

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