You don’t want to miss the Retro Reboot Show. Ep. 3 is on it’s way soon

Wow! The next episode of the Retro Reboot show is going to be an absolute banger, there is so much goodness you do not want to miss it. Here’s a preview of what’s in store!

* I asked you all “What the coolest little retro machine you ever had/have” was, and I got lots of great responses. I can’t wait to share your photos and memories!

* A new book has been released called “Shareware Heroes”, I’ll talk about that.

* Deep Dives are now available for BBC micro games including Elite (source code inc)

* I was curiously scrolling through Instagram and saw Dave Just Dave show off a thing called a “Turboswitch”. I want to know more about this thing…., anyone? 

* Origins stories on The Intel 4004 Microprocessor

* I have a link to pretty much every DOS game ever made for you. It comes with a crazy awesome menu system which has the meta information for every game and will download the games on demand so you don’t have to download every game upfront.

In “Retro Reboots”:

* The biggest news is that Return to Monkey island is finally out!

* The game Ashes 2063 is out (using doom 2 modded engine) 

* Two Guys from Andromeda finally released their new Space Quest game called Space Venture 

* I’m also talking about a new Applesoft BASIC Editor and the Merlin Assembler written in WebAssembly

* I cover a modern port of Turbo Vision 2.0, the classical framework for text-based user interfaces. Now cross-platform and with Unicode support.

* Amiga branded USB keyboard Kickstarter looks like they might be shipping

* A new Desktop widgets thingy for Apple 2

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