How to get more than 640K RAM in a PC or XT

For years, I thought that it was impossible to access any more than 640K ‘Conventional’ RAM on my PC or XT. I was wrong. This time on Al’s Geek Lab, we see why and how the PC only addressed 640K, as well as how to take it up to 1MB without any major work.

MicroRAM card from Monotech Vintage PCs: DOSMAX / SHELLMAX Utility:… USE!UMBS:…


The XT-IDE-CF card is great. It lets you add an IDE hard drive, or a Compact Flash card to your PC or XT. Of course, new updates come out for the BIOS on these cards regularly. They improve performance and fix bugs. But flashing the updates can be tricky! Here’s how to make sure you don’t do like what I did (totally screwed it up!). Step by step instructions follow!