Back to the BBS7: Tracker Music Premieres tomorrow!

As an extra thank you to my Patreons, you have all been named in the credits and I will post up a 4K HD video link just for Patreons after the airing of the premiere…

Tracker music fans, the time has come! Mark Knight (TDK), cTrix, Jim Leonard (MobyGamer) as well as Future Crew’s Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion) and Peter Hajba (skaven252) premieres tomorrow at 11:45 PST – 14:45 EST – 19:45 GMT – 08:45 NZT on Back to the BBS – Part 7: The Music Tracker Scene. A tour de force of how the music was made, how the demoscene adopted the format as well as fame and fortune with the games industry. This is a bumper episode that you don’t want to miss!

I look forward to chatting to you in the real time chat on YouTube tomorrow if you can make it!

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